Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bridge Opportunities Expanding in citrus County

Bridge is alive and well in Florida. The ACBL recently noted that Florida is the game’s fastest growing geographic area. That is also true of Citrus County. As part of that growth and expansion, Pat Peterson recently announced that she will expand bridge at her bridge facility to include a Friday afternoon game.

All of Pat’s games (now Monday thru Friday) are held in the Nature Coast Bank building at the corner of Highway 486 and Citrus Hills Boulevard. Her new Friday game will start on March 4th at 1:00 and will be directed by Daryl Drew, an ACBL certified bridge director.

Why support Pat and her games? Well, first I will admit bias, since Pat is my teacher, mentor and close friend. I have taken every bridge class that Pat has offered since 2004 and some of them, like “Play of the Hand”, twice. If Pat offers that course again I will be the first to sign up. I read recently that a lady had been born with 13 toes – maybe that is what I need.

Pat is not only a superb teacher but also an outstanding player and director. She is a model of decorum at the bridge table and sets the right tone for the way a bridge game should be run. She never fails to offer a charity game or a special game when permitted. Pat offers basic instruction to novices and beginners and constantly brings new players to the game. Without Pat Peterson, bridge in Citrus County would be an afterthought with dwindling participation.

Need more inspiration? Well there is the wine and cheese party to kick off the inaugural Friday game on Friday, March 4, so come and start the weekend off right. If bridge doesn’t appeal to you, just come for the wine and cheese and leave. See y’all on Friday.

In closing I would like to thank the Verla West Bridge Club of Citrus Springs for hosting me to many pleasant Friday bridge afternoons. I wish them luck as they continue to serve their clients.

Writ by hand. tommy solberg

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