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Table of Contents for Tommy's Bridge Blog

In the past 5 years I have posted to my Bridge Blog about 115 times. It started out as sort of a joke among my bridge friends and just grew from there. The blog was a personal outlet for my life passions; research, writing, learning and teaching. It was a shock to me that I was accumulating readers not only from North America, but other parts of the World as well. I would like to say that some of them were experts, but alas, only a few, and most readers were struggling to make headway just like me. When my counter was working, I was getting about 100 hits a week, not what you would call a commercial success. My archived blogs have always been a workout to find. I never did anything about it since some of my early posts are best forgotten and having them conveniently buried in a difficult process seemed a blessing. What they can't find they can't criticize!

One of my early readers was Jim Logsden from Texas. Even though I have never met Jim, he has read every one of my blog posts and actually created a table of contents or index for his own reference. Jim recently surprised me by sending me his table of contents. It is an impressive job and it occurred to me that it might be useful to to other readers, so I am posting his table of contents. Now about assembling these into a book ---- not a chance! You can stop worrying about any further proliferation of my little musings and meanderings.Think about it as my major contribution to better bridge.

Table of Contents

Following are titles and the date of publication for the articles from Tommy’s Bridge Blog. Old posts are found in the Archive in the right hand column of the blog page. Locate the year and month that you want to search and then the title. If you want to print all or a part of a blog post, drag and highlight the material you want to print, and then when you get to your print page indicate you want to print the “Selection”. This table is more or less chronological, and where you see multiple dates that means that more than one blog was written on the same general subject Questions to

Scrambling 2 No Trump 10-08-10
Sandwich No Trump 9-29-10
This Dummy is No Dummy (Bergen’s Dummy Points) 9-14-10
Revisiting 2 Club Opening Bids (Bergen Analysis) 9-11-10
Pat Peterson Takes Over the Bank 9-6-10
Slammin with Marty Bergen: 8-22-10
Redefining “Two Hearts Trash” – A Systemic Update: 6-15-10
Four Person Team wins Pairs Event: 5-30-10
Defending 1 No Trump: 4-3-10
Storming Norman and 4 Suit Transfers: 3-23-10
Opener Rebid Choices After 1NT Forcing 3-6-10
Tommy Passes 5th Grade Math, but Flunks Matchpoint Duplicate: 3-7-10
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?: 2-28-10
Give Respect, if Respect is Due: 2-24-10
A Tribute to Ina Mills: 2-21-10
Majoring in Majors on Bridge Base Online: 12-6-09
Reopening Doubles: 7-28-09
Super Duper Acceptance 8-11-09
Bergen, Jacoby, Hardy and Joe Sargent and Concealed Splinters
Bidding Quiz and Response: 6-22-09; 6-29-09
Rosencranz Doubles and Redoubles and Expanded Advances: 4-29-09; 5-5-09
The Road to Match Point Success: 4-12-09
Matchpoints and Major Suit Fits: 4-5-09
Where’s Tommy?: 4-4-09
Defending Against 2-Suited Overcalls: 12-3-08
Support and Maximal Doubles: 11-19-08
The Law of Total Tricks and Other WMD’s: 11-10-08
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Conventions: 11-7-08
The Principles of Logical Bidding: 10-28-08
More on Overcalls (because we need it): 9-18-08
Western Cue Bids: 8-25-08
New Minor Forcing (NMF): 8-3-08
Advice from Larry Cohen: 5-3-08
Forcing 1NT: 5-5-08; 3-16-10
Opening 1NT with 5 card Majors: 5-31-08
Major Suit Fits: 5-29-08
Michaels Cue Bids Revisited: 6-17-08
Opening Leads: 6-29-06; 7-3-08; 7-10-08; 7-21-08
Balancing in the Pass Out Seat: 4-21-08
Searching for Major Suit Fits 5-29-08
Opening 1NT With 5 Card Majors 5-21-08
OBAR the Pre-balancer – Not the Tentmaker 5-12-08
1NT Forcing to Hell and Back 5-5-08
Free Advice From Larry Cohen 5-03-08
Bridge by the Numbers: 4-15-08
Take Your Finesses in the Right Order to Maximize 3-29-08
Bidding NT hands with Interference: 1-13-08; 2-24-08; 3-2-08
Interfering Over 1NT Opening Bids: 2-1-08
Negative Doubles: 11-21-07; 11-24-07; 12-2-07; 12-29-07
Combined Bergen Raises: 2-18-08; 3-12-08: 6-6-10
Frank Stewart—Do You Sometimes Wonder? 2-8-08
Mel Colchamiro’s Rules of 23: (need 23 hcps for 2NT) 11-17-07
Getting Life and Bridge in Balance 11-11-07
Cue Bids and Control Bids: 11-6-07; 11-11-07
Weak Jump Shifts: 10-21-07; 10-26-07
The “X” Factor – Do You Have It? 7-03-07
Pre-Emptive Bidding (parts 1-4) 5-23-07, 5-29-07, 6-14-07, 6-19-07
Best Bridge Book of 2007: 9-30-07
Probabilities in Bridge: 8-28-07; 9-6-07; 9-7-07; 9-12-07; 9-23-07
Finding Opportunities to Make a Hand: 9-18-07
Awareness at the Bridge Table: 8-15-07
Responding to Weak 2 Bids: 7-8-07; 7-18-07
Preemptive Bidding: 5-23-07; 5-29-07; 6-14-07; 6-19-07
Responding to Partner’s Overcall: 2-14-07; 2-16-07; 2-24-07; 3-3-07; 5-5-07
The Murder on Sanchez Avenue (A bad day for Tommy) 5-12-07
Bridge Ruling: 4-29-07
Rate Yourself as a Partner: 4-13-07
Jacoby 2NT: 4-10-07; 8-11-09
Smolen for 2NT Opening: 4-5-07
Culbertson’s Valuation by Visualization 3-28-07
Discussion of Inverted Minors: 3-26-07
Losing Trick Count: 2 Posts (both Dated 3-18-07)
Smolen Over 1NT: 3-11-07
Middle Cards Make a Difference: 2-27-07
Garbage Stayman: 2-20-07
3 words on Overcalls- “Cheap is Expensive” 2-14-07
Interpreting Opponent’s Opening Leads: 2-8-07
Major Suit Jump Raises to Game: 2-4-07
Common Traits of an Effective Bridge Player: 1-26-07
Splinter Bids: 1-15-07; 6-30-09
Comments by Jeff Meckstroth (of Meckwell fame): 1-8-07; 1-10-07
Balancing –Avoiding the Death Zone: 12-25-06

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