Saturday, December 9, 2006

An Introduction to the Blog

Well, I have finally done it... created a space for my commentaries and opinions on the great mental exercise that we all call Bridge. I did this in response to my friends who asked me to stop cluttering up their e-mail box ... in short, if they want to hear from me, they will call me. From time to time I will post random (or is that randy) self evaluated commentaries on the game, rash opinions, occasional evaluations of my partners (if you don't want to feel my keyboard, don't send comments or opinions that disagree with mine) and just general bridge ramblings which is mostly what it will be all about. Don't expect any expert advice or commentary. Any one that knows me understands the meaning of"high novice" or excuses my slow progress in this game based on advanced age. If you want to get in on this, just log onto my blog and blow off some steam. I reserve the right to moderate comments from my immoderate friends.

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